22 Nov, 2009, Crelin wrote in the 1st comment:
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Well I began adding in an RAedit feature with the snippet at this location: http://www.mageslair.net/snippet.php?cat... without going through the whole thing and realizing my dumb mistake at the end.
The mistake is simply, this is the installation snippet but does not have the code or links to the actual files for race.dat, races.c and olc_races.c - does anyone know where these files might be obtained or the original location of this snippet (appears to be from the rom mailing list of which I cant find any record of this post) - also, if anyone knows the location of a better RAedit snippet (I'm using Ivans 1.81 on a rom24b6 base) it'd be much appreciated, I know I could put in 2.01 for it but I've heard some pretty bad things about the overall bugginess of Ivans 2.01 OLC. Any help at all would be appreciated.