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I will forgo explaining all of the basics. Suffice to say that Carrion Fields has all of the things you would expect from a MUD that has prospered for over thirteen years.

Some highlights that should be important to players thinking about trying another MUD:

- We're dynamic and hungry. Check out our history forum for some recent developments. Just recently, we also completed a full upgrade of our hardware, and the game runs faster and cleaner than ever. Also just recently, we've added two full areas (Keep of the Fhaulagash and Gol'Galath), and just like all of our areas, they are written specifically for Carrion Fields. No ugly stock areas here! On top of that, we've opened new shops, added automated quests, and otherwise spiffed up a bunch of our existing areas. Check out our new Commerce system as well- build a reputation as a successful merchant!

- Were a roleplaying MUD. The only OOC channel in the game is used for answering questions for new players at the lowest of levels. After that, everything is designed to be immersive and In Character- no distracting chatter about politics or celebrities. We host a full pantheon of detailed religions, a number of cabals (including one based on building our history and providing events for top-notch roleplay), and have a varied and unique series of rewards. A staff of 30+ Immortals maintains the environment and keeps everyone roleplaying with frequent quests and interactions. And you can make your mark- our in-game libraries are filled with page after page of player-authored contributions and historic tributes.

- Were a PK MUD. Not only do we feature a huge array of abilities, but each class plays in a unique manner. That Maran high-elven sword/dagger specialist who employs Incarnadine Wave and Flow of Shadows is going to be so different from that Scion fire giant mace/axe specialist who uses Crashing of Waves and Trapping Beneath Thunder, that you will probably forget they are both members of the warrior guild. And yet, we religiously adjust and re-adjust things so that the game balance stays tightly focused, and every dog can and does have their day. New players always ask what is the "best" character to play. Old players know there is no answer.

- We have a veteran playerbase. Being up since 1994 means that many of those 80+ people you see in the evenings are lightning-quick killers who can change gears and lecture you on the finer points of the history of law enforcement in Galadon. Our 24,000+ rooms won't feel so big when you're trying to hide from them, or when one swoops to your rescue.

- We have an equally veteran staff. Professional treatment. Swift and just enforcement of our rules. Fast attention to bugs (see our bug forum). Constant development. Top-notch original areas. Piles of easily indexed helpfiles. Detailed, epic quests rooted deep in our world's history.

- We are 100% free. No 30-day trials. No varying levels of service- we value every rule-abiding player. No gear for dollars. No hidden fees. We won't bribe or force you to vote for us on various websites. Everyone plays on a level field- if that guy just beat you down, or got picked to be Captain of the BattleRagers over you, it's because he's better, and not because he had an extra $50 to spend or because he's an "Iridium" member.

- We're tough. Not tough as in "It takes 500 hours of mashing the same two kinds of goblins to build a character who is any good at anything." Tough as in our areas and rules encourage fierce competition. Many items exist in finite numbers, and if you want that shiny sword over there, you might just have to rip it out of another player's cold, dead hands. Tough as in the mind-hurting twists and puzzles of Kteng's Laboratory or Nyathl Ikalith, the Silent Tower, some of which have been in for years without any player fully unlocking the innermost secrets. Tough as in you won't be fighting NPCs who are just skill-less tackling dummies outside of the first few newbie areas. Tough as in we show cheaters the door. Tough as in you'll look up from your screen, realize you've been with us for a year, and still be baffled at all the facets of the game you haven't experienced or mastered yet. Tough as in two seconds to think is often one more than you had.

- We welcome new players. We have a specific newbie channel for helping you learn the ropes, and a custom Academy area with dozens of small quests to help teach you the game. 1400+ help files and a staff that knows exactly which one to point you to when you're having trouble. A website with tons of frequently updated information and a forum specifically for helping new players get over the initial hurdles. You'll still die a lot (see "We're tough.", above), and we won't spoon-feed you, but you'll learn a little more each time until you're the one they're running from. If it was easy, it'd be boring, you know.

Questions? Check out our website at Carrion Fields today. Browse around, ask a few questions on the New Player forum, or just log in to carrionfields.com 9999 and jump in with both feet.
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Now see, this advert makes me want to play this game. Well done good sir. I might actually log in later tonight.

So much better then 'Hey, our game is running come check us out! We need players."
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By What Named Will You Be Mourned?

Well, BIND is the standard…what else do people use?
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Crat's making a funey based on 'named', to be read as 'name daemon'; 'BIND' is a very common name-d. See e.g. this page.
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I guess I deserve a facepalm for that. ha.

Now that it's pointed out, I find it funny. I guess I ruined the joke. Sorry Crat. :blues: