11 Oct, 2009, Splork wrote in the 1st comment:
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It has been a little over six months since SlothMUD restarted our game and the overall results have been amazing. Our player base has been steadily rising and overall, we are averaging near ten more players during peak hours over this same time last year.

Not only that but we have been continually adding content suggested by our players and those which we added during for the restart have been working out great(with a some adjustements here and there).

If you have never given us a chance, now would be the ideal time as our who list is centered around lower level players and the opportunity to compete for levels and to be one of the highest players on our who list is still there…

Our mud has over 30,000 hand crafted rooms, 8,000 creatures, and countless items. We support protocols such as MXP, MSSP, MSP, MCCP, and a few other that are not so noteworthy. Our mud started off of the DIKU Gamma 0.0 code base and have a become a highly modifed Diku mud. We are a multi-classing mud, so each player will have the opportunity to level in each of our eight classes.

Sloth provides its immortals with a unique scripting language,
allowing them to build areas that are interactive to an unprecedented
degree. These areas include complex puzzles, hundreds of scripted
quests, and monsters that behave in surprising and intelligent
ways. Several areas provide more than simple hunt-and-kill;
these include a PvP arena and a coliseum where the player can
test his mettle against an ever-nastier series of monsters.
For more information on this language, please visit
MUDL Web Documentation

Our Immortal staff is incredibly friendly, so feel free to stop by and say hello!