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-=Static Chaos 2009=-

Server IP:
Port: 1985

Player files WILL be preserved if we require a server move.

Static Chaos was created by Alathon between 1999 and 2006. I recently acquired the source code and am able to make this superb MUD available to the public once again. Several people have tried to re-release this before and its has been asked for all over the web. So, here it is, permanently up and running.

Static Chaos started life as Chaosium and is based on DikuMUD/Merc/Godwars code bases. Modified heavily by Alathon over the years, we now operate a comprehensive system of classes and skills. Some of the themes include Anime and DragonBallZ. The MUD is definitely PK oriented and players can be killed almost without restriction. It is however, accessible to new players as it is generally frowned upon to PK those with a low status. As an admin, I will try to fill Alathon's shoes, no easy task. I try to be friendly, mature and approachable. New players are very welcome and I will put my efforts into helping as many people as possible become familiar with the game.

For now we're on 1985 which is dedicated and hugely overpowered. If anyone knows a good fast host I can use for this MUD should the need arise, please let me know, commercial hosting only please.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me. I hope we can get this going again!

See you in the chaos,

Admin - Static Chaos 2009