07 Sep, 2009, DK p1990 wrote in the 1st comment:
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when i make in cygwin the program says i don't have a makefile but i do have a makefile in my src folder an it reads as so

CC      = gcc
#Uncomment the next line if you want request support

O_FILES = act_comm.o act_info.o act_move.o act_obj.o act_wiz.o boards.o \
build.o clans.o comm.o comments.o const.o db.o fight.o \
handler.o hashstr.o id.o interp.o magic.o makeobjs.o \
misc.o mud_comm.o mud_prog.o player.o requests.o \
reset.o save.o shops.o skills.o special.o tables.o track.o update.o \
space.o bounty.o swskills.o functions.o slicers.o marriage.o hunter.o \
planets.o pfiles.o newarena.o tech.o \
editor.o ships.o force.o finfo.o fskills.o 11.o class.o new_fskills.o \

C_FILES = act_comm.c act_info.c act_move.c act_obj.c act_wiz.c boards.c \
build.c clans.c comm.c comments.c const.c db.c fight.c \
handler.c hashstr.c id.c interp.c magic.c makeobjs.c \
misc.c mud_comm.c mud_prog.c player.c requests.c \
reset.c save.c shops.c skills.c special.c tables.c track.c update.c \
space.c bounty.c swskills.c functions.c slicers.c marriage.c hunter.c \
planets.c pfiles.c newarena.c tech.c \
editor.c ships.c force.o finfo.c fskills.c 11.c class.c new_fskills.c \

H_FILES = mud.h bet.h

# co $(H_FILES)
make swr
# rm -f $(H_FILES)

swr: $(O_FILES)
rm -f swr
$(CC) $(L_FLAGS) -o swr $(O_FILES) -lm -lcrypt
chmod g+w swr
chmod g+w $(O_FILES)

.c.o: mud.h
$(CC) -c $(C_FLAGS) $<

rm -f $(O_FILES)

make clean

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07 Sep, 2009, kiasyn wrote in the 2nd comment:
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are you running make from within the src folder?
07 Sep, 2009, DK p1990 wrote in the 3rd comment:
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that must be my problem i can't figure out how to compile the source into cygwin…i looked at a site someone posted for me but it was little help to me
07 Sep, 2009, DK p1990 wrote in the 4th comment:
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like i can't figure out how to make the swrots code i have into a directory in cygwin
07 Sep, 2009, DK p1990 wrote in the 5th comment:
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woooo ok i got it