18 Aug, 2009, Kintar wrote in the 1st comment:
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I'm looking into MUSHes again briefly, and am having some difficulty with TinyMUSH. To complicate matters, I'm having trouble finding good, complete documentation. For example, why does a wizard character get "Permission Denied" for the @addcommand command?

Any links someone can share?
18 Aug, 2009, Sandi wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Because the default config sets @addcommand to god_only?

Concatenate the wizhelp and help files in a text editor and search or scroll through them. That's as complete a document as you'll find.

AFAIK, TinyMUSH has no official support at the moment, but you might try asking questions on WORA:

When Online Worlds Attack

or you could try logging in to: connect.mu-gateway.net 6677

Note: I can't, in good conscience, recommend the above links to children, Christians, or anyone under the age of 45. The MUSH community is rife with vile, perverted sycophants, and there are some bad people there, as well.
18 Aug, 2009, Idealiad wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Yeah, WORA can be rough. Usually you'll get good help if you post in the semi-constructive forums though. I thinkLydia Leong has been working on TinyMUSH lately because of her Amber game. Check this out:

18 Aug, 2009, Sandi wrote in the 4th comment:
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Or, you could try working with MUX, which has an active community and mail list:

MUX 2.7

Penn is still around too, but I find it a bit more frustrating, and it has a much larger footprint.
19 Aug, 2009, Kintar wrote in the 5th comment:
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Thanks, everyone. I'm actually using MudCore at the moment, but I've been eying MUX with some interest, specifically because of their reality levels, which would work very well for a concept in our game.

I'll go take a look at the links, and heed the warning. ;) Much appreciated!
19 Aug, 2009, Kelvin wrote in the 6th comment:
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MUX is definitely great stuff, much more stable and flexible than TinyMUSH. As mentioned, it is also being actively maintained by a good sized community. PennMUSH is also an excellent choice for something on the opposite side of the style spectrum, and also has a great community.