17 Aug, 2009, fraster wrote in the 1st comment:
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:ghostface: this epic mud is looking for talented builders to put there talents to use the game style is kinda like that of the old game NETHACK if anyone has ever played it they know what im talking about if not then let me describe it to you.

if you are tired of the same old mud layout dwarvin kingdom etc.. well this isent that mud. We have put in olc enhancements to make building easier. We have random items and mobs that load into all areas.We are trying to take the mud world into the world of the mmorpg. If interested in changing the mud world please apply. a good example is like the xbox 360 dead rising and the resident evil games and movies… where there are items of every day items able to be used to defend your self with.

to apply please contact gothmog on frankenpuke.com port 7000 :ghostface:
17 Aug, 2009, fraster wrote in the 2nd comment:
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ill also add the code base is a rom style, and if goth is not on and you see karp or drisghanis then just give them a shout