11 Aug, 2009, Hyena wrote in the 1st comment:
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Arion: the Nightmare is now 2 years old. And there's a party. Change log will be purged and the mud will be full of rare entertainment today.

Some words about Arion: It's a sophisticated PK MUD in a medieval fantasy world.
Influences: Diablo2 ( Yes that good old Hack and Slash RPG ), Fallout2, Warlords Battlecry

There was hardcore programming last days but now several new features are fully operational:
* Horadric Cube can upgrade gems.
* Gems can be inserted into socketed items, giving magical properties.
* Polish command for heroes drains your exp and levelups the item you polish.
* Whet command makes your sharp weapon even more sharp for a while.
* Monsters can drop randomly generated items (Again Diablo2 style: suffixes and prefixes)
* Some dungeons are randomly created making it a whole new experience each time you visit one.
* Random monster challenges in wilderness.
* Random treasure maps.

As it's a 2nd birthday of Arion today, there is exp bunny and other benefits for players only today. You are invited :), you don't have to start playing this MUD every day but just come and see what we have.

telnet: carlnet.ee 4000