09 Aug, 2009, Kaeden wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hello all,

I'm looking for a few people to help me test out some features I'm coding for my zombie apocalypse-themed MUD, Zombie Panic!: The Dead Walk Among Us. Testing would be very informal, sort of on a "Hey, could you log onto the MUD and help me test features XYZ?" basis. Testers should not be expecting a complete gaming experience. The grid is extremely skeletal at the moment; I'm focusing on coding, not building, right now. Testing would encompass all of the MUD's coded in skills and a lot of the combat system. Testers can expect to be blown up/maimed/torn apart by zombies as part of the testing process, but on the plus side, they also get to play with some special toys that will be incredibly rare for when the MUD enters its later stages of development. If interested, please contact me on AIM at KefkaTheSaviour, or at our forums (linked in my signature below).


Edit: Specified theme of MUD in case it was not already evident.