02 Aug, 2009, Guest wrote in the 1st comment:
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H'ok. Seems my addled brain has caused a bit of a stir today. So I'll make this simple.

We have amended the rules to formalize what has already been long-standing policy for our entire existence.

Administrative actions are not open to public debate. Opening threads questioning actions taken by the administration for any reason on the site is grounds for immediate suspension. If you have issue with a decision we have made, take it up in private messages.

This is and always has been policy of the site, but I recently noticed it had not been formalized in the actual rules document. This was corrected the other night amid a whole bunch of other things I was in the middle of and not related to MudBytes or IMC2 or anything at all related to the site.

Formally documenting this now does not mean decisions based on it carry no weight. Those decisions will stand as they are. Anyone who has an issue with this is expected to follow the established procedure and address it via PM's.

Also take note, wording has now been further clarified to remove any doubt about what it's meant the whole time.