01 Aug, 2009, JohnnyStarr wrote in the 1st comment:
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After setting up OmniCppComplete (thanks David for the tip), i am trying to change some stuff
with the .vim script for color settings. I have found a nice colorscheme: Marklar.vim
Now, this is the first colorscheme i've found that changes the Omni bar from the 'pink' to cyan as the foreground, and black as the background. despite the fact that i like the colorscheme i want to customize the color bar, and no matter what, i cant seem to figure out how. its weird, i've tried changing all the hex colors and it dosn't change the color in vim, in fact, if i delete chunks of it, it still seems to retain the color.

Is it something weird like VIM stores the colors in a buffer or something?
here's a link to the file Marklar.vim


Ok, so i figured it out, sorry to waste the space, but if anyone cares, it depends on if you are using GUI or CTERM:

guifg =#FFFFFF is if you use gui
ctermfg = 1 is if you are using term, which is the 8 color setting (the one i use)

ok then, once again, sorry for the useless post. :rolleyes:
01 Aug, 2009, David Haley wrote in the 2nd comment:
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You can configure color schemes to use 8-colors, 16-colors, 256-colors or 3-byte color – it's a little deceptive, yes, because some changes won't actually reflect in your config unless you change the section for your relevant color scheme.

I use 16 colors most of the time, so my customized color scheme is aware of that and sets different values if I'm in 8 or 16 color mode.