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The Realms of Lost Prophecy is a SMAUG-based mud which has been heavily modified during the many years it has beenonline. During the past years, it flourished with countless players and many organisations, some of them even added their own personal touch to the game, and the Realm grew. Recently, the Realms of Lost Prophecy came across an age change as the deities decided that the Realm needed improvement, and now, after an age of Darkness and Turmoil, a New Age has started and new adventurers are needed to fill the many available positions. So come one, come all, the invitation stands for the small and the tall!!

Lost Prophecy is a huge mud, over time, countless areas have been added to an already big world.
Tons of quests are available for all character levels.
Over 20 classes and races are available for you to choose from! Each class having 50+ skills/spells
Each Character can level to a maximum of level 50, in four different classes bringing an uniqueness to
each and every characters!

Lost Prophecy is currently recruiting!! Adventurers of all races and classes are needed to fill vacant positions in many guilds,clans,orders and organisations!

Just some things Lost Prophecy has to offer.
-Feats system
-20 classes and 34 races to chose from
-player housing
-Numerical RIS.
-Restricted PKill.
-Restricted multiplaying.
-Extended class/race selection.
-Multiclassing (3 classes off the base class, base class still has unique skills and spells that remorts do not.)
-Quest system.
-Newbie Friendly.
-Great Coder who is open to and welcomes idea's.
-Room for new Clans, Orders and other organizations.
-Unique skills and spells.
-Speed setting to adjust how fast the server sends out data to your client

There is many more things that Lost Prophecy offers. I am not an Admin in the mud. Just a player deployed to afghanistan trying to get a great mud back to the way it once was. Also I am pkill as is most of the current pbase. I am looking for and always welcome challengers. We welcome newbies and offer a helping hand to help you learn and get through what ever you may need. So come and find a new home in Lost prophecy where ideas are welcome, and help it grow.

Nupraptor—- lpmud.genesismuds.com 6010