24 Jul, 2009, Xrakisis wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hi all.
Im looking for a coder and builders for my heavily modified Quickmud, Rom mud.

The mud has…
A Map,
Clan system,
Dragonlance Pantheon Diety System,
Account System,
Custom coded Multiclassing, up to 3 classes,
Custom coded Weapon advancement system,
Player Blacksmithing,
206 Player Levles,
10 Classes, (Sorcerer, Bishop, Ninja, Samurai, Templar, Avenger, Lich, Shaman, Druid, Assassin)
Many Races,
Class specific skills/spells.

Stop By: zeno.biyg.org 2850 or email me at marcusironfist@hotmail.com