19 Jul, 2009, Terraco wrote in the 1st comment:
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First I know about the other post a bit down the list but we needed a new post.

Futile Shadows where time has no meaning….

Come and become your favorite animation character and journey through time while battling your way through the hordes of monsters, demons, humans, and more. Work your way to level 10 enter The Nexus and begin the time travel.
(Though not open for players, we would like a few players to hang out and test things.)

We are also looking for a staff of builders, coders, and Public Relations. Builders should have some good imagination and some knowledge of some animations. Also will to take lead and make new items relevant to the time frame they are working in.
We would like coders to be able to take the rains and make stuff on the lists and add what they feel would be beneficial to the game. (Have testing port for coding)
PR Imms should have good people skills, RP skills a plus and a willingness to run quests for guilds and groups of people.
(power trippers not needed)

Please Note:
If no one is there or I am AFK Please use the board system thanks.

We hope you will all come by and check us out hang out maybe help a bit.
We can be found at:
Port: 6666

NO BLUE THIS TIME!! :tongue:
20 Jul, 2009, soldierofthelord wrote in the 2nd comment:
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What MUDlib are you using? Did I miss it?
20 Jul, 2009, Terraco wrote in the 3rd comment:
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ROM2.4B6 with some Quickmud thrown in, and edited a bit.
04 Aug, 2009, Terraco wrote in the 4th comment:
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Well folks we have added a lot to FSMud and are still looking for builders coders and other staff, on our ROM. We have a test port for the coders and the staff that is on there are very friendly and willing to help. We are more then willing to take on frist time builders and help you out. But we hope the coders who might be interested in helping have some exp in the code base. Thanx and please stop on by.

port 6666