14 Jul, 2009, bbailey wrote in the 1st comment:
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I would like to get involved with an active MUD (long-term project, preferably already open to players) and help breathe a little fresh air into an existing project. I am most interested in ROM or Envy muds, though any Diku derivative would work just fine. My primary interest is in working with a legacy codebase implemented in C in order to resharpen my low-level skills and to also satisfy a bit of nostalgia after coming back into MUD development after a bit of a hiatus.

I would prefer to join an established team that already has other active developers, or at least a cohesive and stable administrative team to work with so that my contributions are more likely to be of lasting benefit. I would like to avoid being the sole coder for a new admin on a new project.

If you believe you and your team could benefit from having an old fart around to bounce ideas off of and do some code monkey grunt work to shorten your to-do list, then give me a shout. I'm available through PMs here on the forum or through any of the methods available through my profile.