11 Jul, 2009, Frenze wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hello world of Mudders,

This is a message asking for possible recruitment of builders and idea givers for Trigun Mud!
Although we are moving at a decent pace currently, I would like to possibly find some help with building projects. Game code is currently getting close to the mark of beta opening, so I would really love to get some areas pumped out.

I know that a alpha mud isn't to appealing, but allow me to say this now, I am very serious about this mud, and it will open, I just hope some of you might come and help out to let it open faster. I would love to be up and ready for players by the end of the year, plenty of time for that goal, I would think, if WE had a few other people.

When I say WE I mean everyone who plays or contributes to the mud as a whole, although I am the owner of the mud, it isn't made for me, it's made for the players, and the people who want to work on it. As well as that I am very willing to add things in to make any builders life easier, many times when I'm building I find myself wanting things included to make life easier too.

Anyways I digress, these are the statistics of Trigun Mud!

1: tbaMUD 3.59+ code base, by + I mean that we keep up with the current SVN and update every time a new release is put out.

2: We are a semi-heavy pk mud with mostly enforced RP. Meaning that although most situations that happen in game will be handled by players, if someone wants to be left alone or feels harassed, we the admins will try to help them by allowing them to play harassment free.

3: We have currently been in development for a little over a year now, with the help in coding from myself as well as a few others, Jamdog and Fizban and Valasa to name a few, some help more then others but all are welcomed :)

4: We are very determined to make this project work. Through constant development we have made a very good game, we believe, already. All that is missing from this is the areas to play in. We have already done several areas, including a large prison where people will be spending some time depending on their RP of course.

5: As far as my own personal commitment goes, I am very committed to this game and spend a lot of time on it. Including patches and other ideas, I have done a lot of my very own coding and have released several patches. Although I will not say that I am a great coder, I do my best and have gotten a lot done. We also have help from people namely Jamdog, who is also my co-owner.

Okay. Well thats enough talking about it, I just hope I've shown you what we're about so far. As for the builders we are happy with anything you can contribute, if you can only give a little we will graciously accept it, but wont push you over what you can or want to do. Anyways about what we need exactly.

Currently we have two cities in the works as well as a couple of minor areas done as well. To go with our clan system we need several cities to make it work better, I'm hoping at least 10 cities, a few big, some small is okay as well.

In the Trigun world, the entire world is almost all desert. Some oases and other lush areas are welcomed as well, but I personally would like to keep it close to the Trigun Storyline. Some interest or knowledge of the Trigun anime would be nice but is not required, any information you need I, if not someone else around, can give you it. Also I am around a very large amount of the time, and almost every day for at least a few hours so I'm fairly easy to get a hold of.

Frenze, on mud name is Vash, by the way.
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