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The Edge of Darkness, going strong for over 17 years, has seen more
than its share of evolution over the ages. From the early days of
fighter/caster divisions; through formation of guilds and the
inevitable warring that resulted; through many single players rising
to power, only to be usurped by the next; to the more tame days of
the present; the Edge has prevailed over all kinds of hardship, and
shows no signs of stopping. From the desert wastelands of the arctic
north and equatorial south to the lush forests of the west and the
eastern tropics, and now the recent discovery of the Centaur
stronghold, as well as the halfling population growing in size, even
the most elite adventurers are being challenged in new ways.

If you're looking for an over-the-top MUD with more nuances than
actual features, this is not what you are looking for. The Edge's
beauty lies in its simplicity: easy to understand, impossible to

If you're looking for more of the same things you've seen in other
MUDs, this isn't what you want. Edge's content is 100% original,
with new areas being opened regularly, and even some puzzles–years
old–that have yet to be solved.

If what you want, however, is a friendly but dangerous environment,
a hand-crafted-to-the-individual quest system, a rich history of actual
players, backed up by a dedicated team of Immortals..

…then Welcome to the Edge of Darkness.
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