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Forever Fantasy is looking for staff to help improve the game, we are looking for coders and builders but will be happy to except admins, questers, and people who are looking to learn any of the ropes mentioned above. And I say "we" because the Forever Fantasy team is a team and not a dictatorship, so if you like to bark order's alot please don't waste my or anyone elses time about this topic. (We do this for Fun and for free) If you want to be a part of the family of Forever Fantasy feel free to message me on here or E-mail me at Blaze_Another_Juggalo@yahoo.com or come on the mud and talk to me there.


About the mud:
Rot 2.4 compiled for GCC4
Three tier 101 hero lvl
10+ races and classes but plan on re-doing all of the races and classes
Mostly Stock for now
Ansi Available
Newbie Frendly
Clan's available
NPC and Imm ran Quest
and much more…

Basic Background:
The year is 3020, Skyware Corporation founded a breakthough in science discovering timewarp. Yet on the day of the beta test something goes terribly wrong, the warp was a success but the force was so great it caused a hole to be ripped into different worlds. 1000 years later, many life forms came out of the hole, formed colonies, and raged wars for power and greed. Alliances were created. Out of the wars came a prophet who read that a hero shall emerge to create balance among the different worlds on earth. Is this hero you??

(Long story short, our world in the year 4020 is in ruins due to massive warfare. Come along on this journey where fantasy and other worlds collide. Or feel free to let your own sick and twisted imagination roam free in our world called FOREVER FANTASY!!)
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I am sorry for the down time for all who has tryed to log on today…I will post when we will be back up and running more then likely no latter than 10 PM Friday July 03…Thank you and sorry for the trouble…Plz if you are interested in a possition e-mail me or message me on here. Or Message me on YIM.