30 Jun, 2009, Tyrath wrote in the 1st comment:
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Anaris is the name of our new home.

It has been over 700 years since the old gods returned to us, destroying the First World in the process. We do not remember that World, other than knowing it existed… and that the gods enacted the ultimate punishment for our betrayal.

We will not forget again…


Soul of the Warrior is looking for builders!

Currently, the lands of Anaris are rather empty. The wilderness is vast, however, just waiting for some creative creators to place down areas for the adventurous mortal to explore.

If you have no prior experience with area creation, we will gladly train you. The only requirement we will ask of you is to have a genuine interest in creating quality areas for players to lose themselves in.

A little bit about the MUD, so you can judge if we might be for you:

* A medieval-post-apocalyptic-fantasy theme (?!)
* ROM 2.4 base (QuickMUD, specifically)
* 1 race (humans), with 8 bloodlines
* 8 core classes (4 physical focused, 4 magic focused)
* 16 subclasses (2 per core class)
* 101 mortal levels
* PK will be restricted (Clan and level based)
* RP will be encouraged, but not required
* A large wilderness that is eagerly awaiting lots of content
* All stock areas (save Limbo) have been pulled
* Numerous OLC tweaks for ease of building & better customization

Please note we are just getting off the ground as far as building goes. The code front is coming along very nicely, but alas, we have very little in regards to areas. Therefore, there will not be any players for some time… so if that is what you're looking for, you will not (yet!) find it here.

If you wish to know more, feel free to drop by the MUD itself and look around (though there isn't yet much to see; this is why we need you). We also have an irc channel (with webchat) and forums setup… feel free to stop on by any of them and ask us some questions.

MUD: imud.net 4242
irc: imud.net 6667, #sotw
& http://www.imud.net/chat.php?chan=sotw
www: http://www.cagey.org/sotw/

Thanks for any interest. :)
02 Aug, 2009, Tyrath wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Still-looking-for-another-builder-or-five-bump. :)