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Legends of Krynn is one of those rare games that taps into and exploits your emotions and the fear when you know you are only one hit away from being killed. The anger and frustration that set in when you are not landing your best blows, a buzzing excitement you feel when you rock your opponent on his heels and go in for the kill. That is how the fighting system has been modified. It is exciting and fresh. In my experience with leveling, it seems to make you just want to go farther into things, but it is keeping these emotions in check and using the wide variety of unique skills and spells at the right time that lets you steel yourself rounds of punishment and ultimately achieve glory. In fact, only a powerful game can elicit this kind of rollercoaster ride.

As my understanding of the game goes, this game is NOT a mass PK MUD like so many others which is exactly what many fans are looking for. Gameplay improvements are at the heart of what makes this game a great title. A lot has been added, per se and it is more about the execution of what you do with so much custom code. The Players have different races and classes that add a layer of strategy not seen by many MUDs. Depending on what kind of fighter you are, you will want to maintain or close the distance between you and your opponent.

The story is a mix of throwbacks to the books and creative new bits that fit right into the mythos. As the silent newbie, you follow around several key locations from the storyline such as, Palanthas, Neraka, Thorbardin, The Conclave Towers, The Blood Sea, Raistlin’s Study, and several other key locations. Complete with tons of great descriptions and moments that help sell this experience. I explored the dark underbelly of Neraka, scaled the Palanthas Tower, fought through the Shoikan Grove, wrangled unique pets, and made a mess of anyone I wanted to with three separate forms of communication.

This game has many obstacles to over come, yes. I only wish as much love and care had gone into crafting the gameplay. The storyline of the game worked out well, I had fun exploring the dark underbelly of Neraka, fighting dragons, discovering new players and making friends along the way. But I was not seeing any good characters. Unfortunately the ratio of good to evil is quite disappointing. The leveling system feels widely unbalanced as well, and you find yourself on the ground without warning. You regain your corpse where you died, and the exp cap is daunting. Although there is not much to fear because if you go down with your leveling group, you both will be just as far from your next level as the other. Most of the time it feels like you are repeating yourself, which has the adverse effect of making you feel more powerful than these legendary heroes.

The truth be told, if you can put up with these very small annoyances, the game rewards you with its moody atmosphere and epic encounters. A few multiplayer obstacles pit you against other players to achieve great rewards and equipment and survive waves of enemies.

But the real adventure is that players make their own journey here. With hundreds of rooms to fit to your liking, experienced Immortal staff, a building team, active coder, several different clan including The Undead, The Knights of Solamnia, The Holy Order of the Stars (to name a few), and an active playerbase. No matter what clan or class you choose, The Legends of Krynn, delivers on its promise of uniqueness, and offers an experience unlike anything else out there. I rate the Legends of Krynn a 8.5 out of 10! This game is always seeking new faces and we'd love to have you on over.

The Legends of Krynn - Play Now!
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You don't need to keep deleting the post to reword it. The edit button will allow you to change the contents without deleting it.
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The Legends of Krynn constantly expands. The playerbase is incredibly newbie friendly. I've played the game for six years and do not regret the time i've put into it. The staff is helpful and respectful. Rule breakers are disciplined without question. The help files are thoroughly written.

Everything, from the items to the mobs, have descriptions worth reading. The game is based in a setting that takes place a short period of time after the War of Lance, of the novels. You have the privelage of choosing your alignment and the oppurtunity to pick from a large number of classes. The skills and spells at your disposal have been chosen carefully, so as to not favor one class over the other.

After choosing your race, you are quickly on your way to an experience in the realm of Krynn. Roleplayers are rewarded for their hard work and commitment. You are able to earn titles for your characters, an honor bestowed upon those found worthy by the staff. A diverse group of clans can be found in this particular game. The clans all have origins within the DragonLance novels we all know and love.

The oppurtunity of playing this game is worth taking. You have the chance to rewrite the novels following the highly acclaimed War of the Lance, along with your peers.
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Deleted your post again? Please stop.
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If you're looking for players, you might try advertising on boards that cater to players. Mudbytes is mostly mud developers, builders/coders etc.

I'd suggest Topmudsites.com, and mudconnect.com.

Good luck to your game.
(Also, be up front about being staff on said game, it's transparent when a staff member posts 'as a player').
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Thanks guys. I was pretty sure I was editing it.. seriously must of been confused there. Sorry for the mix-up.
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Was talking to mikhal emenius, not you.