28 Jun, 2009, koheed wrote in the 1st comment:
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trying to put up the low4 in the code repository. got it all up got the selfclass snippet in etc. but there is a core dump problem when anyone trains hp 50. anything out there for this problem? i really like the low4 codes would appreciate some help if its out there

09 Jul, 2009, Igabod wrote in the 2nd comment:
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the stock low4 do_train allows me to train hp 50 with no problems, did you do something to do_train? I do get a crash when I try to train 100 or more but that's because do_train is recursive and basically what it does is do_train "hp" a hundred times in a row which is bad rather than just ch->hit += 100. You could try re-writing the do_train function so that it's not recursive. If you do it'd be nice of you to release a snippet of it. I have often thought about re-writing do_train but never got around to it cause I didn't get any players on my mud who would have been the only ones to complain about only being able to train by 50 at a time. Then I ended my project in favor of another one with a friend. I'll get back to my low4 project later on eventually, but right now this current project looks very promising.