22 Jun, 2009, nienne wrote in the 1st comment:
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Shadowgate MUD is going through a serious overhaul and would love to have some more players around to try out the new features! We're a dungeons-and-dragons, FR-based roleplay/adventure MUD that has been running on 2e rules for the better part of fifteen years; however in going with the times we're now working through a (lengthy) transition to a 3e/4e hybrid system. At the moment this means there has been a change in the classing system and the addition of general feats, with a newly modified skills system to be added over the next few weeks, phasing out non-weapon proficiencies and thief skills. More updates will be coming over the next few months, including a lot of new class-specific feats, several spell-list overhauls (bard, mage) and finally some new classes, including prestige classes.

Alongside this, we're running a new website as a wiki, to make sure that there's regular up-to-date information about the mud, and to leave plenty of space for player input into the history and stories that make up our world. It already has everything a new player will need to know to play, and plenty of depth into our game system and lore. There's also a few beginners guides, just to get you started! Check out shadowgate.org if you want to take a look.

For those fond of DnD or tabletop settings, or just fond of a good fantasy roleplay game, come check out Shadowgate - we'd love to have you around to tell your story and become part of our world! Connect to firedragon.com, port 6969, and join the fun!