22 Jun, 2009, sbwoodside wrote in the 1st comment:
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A long, long time ago I was quite active on MicroMUSE and actually picked up some interesting programming skillz there (self modifying code :-). Anyway, these days I actually know enough about "real" programming to be quite well versed in unix-style server software and I'm interested in the MicroMUSE source code. Are / were they running TinyMUSE? The same version that I just downloaded from here (muse-1.7b4.tar.gz) ?

The TinyMUSE code seems to be poorly (or not at all?) documented. Does documentation exist, maybe for another very similar source base?


17 Jul, 2009, Kelvin wrote in the 2nd comment:
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MUSE is no longer maintained and hasn't been used on new or developing games in many years. I'd usggest MUX2, PennMUSH, TinyMUSH, or RhostMUSH as modern alternatives.