11 Jun, 2009, pkjunkie wrote in the 1st comment:
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We are hiring programmer(s), builders, writers and player relations personnel for our Rom2.4 based MUD. The MUD has not yet been named, has been a project for several years, is functional and running, but in beta mode.

Programming duties will include:

+ Making limited items. i.e., to stimulate PK we would like to make items limited - only a certain amount of each item should be out at any given time.

+ Debugging – we are still in beta and wish to open as crash free as possible.

+ Helping code property ownership of areas – we would like clans to be able to take charge of areas. When taken control of, all clan members receive greater exp or qps when leveling or receiving quests in this area.

+ Helping code precious clan items which need to be guarded from the greedy hands of enemy clans.

+ Help think of and code new skills and spells.

+ Brainstorming and discussing new ideas he or she would like to implement to further the MUD in a positive way – more specifically we need someone who is versed in PK or has coded before for a PK MUD as we are developing a PK MUD and would love more direction.

Building duties will include:

+ We have all the tools to create fun, interactive areas, and so we would like someone who is interested in helping create our MUD’s clan halls.

+ Creating an interactive newbie zone to help players get a good start on the game and also an idea of commands they will be using regularly throughout their gaming experience.

Writing duties will include:

+ Writing descriptive and creative helpfiles for clans, new skill and spell helpfiles, and the storyline of our MUD.

We are hiring Player Relations people for the following:

+ Greeting new players, answering basic questions, helping out with random jobs like restringing who names for players, et cetera.

+ Not required, but desired: PR personnel who wish to run quests from time to time when the MUD is out of beta.

+ It is not required but highly suggested that any applying player relations personnel play the MUD to get an idea of how things flow.

If interested, you may send me an e-mail at pkjunkie@gmail.com with which position you would like to fill and why, and also list any questions you would like answered. OR you may contact me via AIM (pkjunkie). Thank you for reading!