03 Jun, 2009, JSC_Juggalo wrote in the 1st comment:
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Forever Fantasy is seeking builders and coders. Will teach new builders. We are fantasy style pvp mud with much to expect. Only open for staff and alpha testers.

host: loohosting.com
Port: 5555

A little about the mud:
Basic story: {have full BG story but don't feel like typing all of it}
Far into the future, breakthrough in science, creation of time warp, something terrible happens on beta test, Big hole rips into different dimentions, 1000 years later. (Basically our world meets fantasy a 1000 years later)

Stock Rot, with a little tweeks of what I worked on the code so far.
3 tier 101 player lvl
ansi color
clan avalible
newbie friendly

What I expect to do with the Mud:
Compelete orginial world, race, class
{Basically re-work the stock code into an orginial piece of art for all to enjoy}

So if you are looking for a friendly enviroment to be a part of, the Forever Fantasy Team would be right for you. Please feel free to stop in and say Hi. Either ask for Rayvn or Kalypso, I'm Rayvn and my fiancee is Kalypso so if either one of us is on, please feel free to ask us any questions.