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CombatMud:The Soldier Side is seeking you!

But first, please let me introduce myself. I am Darien, Coder and Owner of CombatMud.
I've been coding since I was 9 years old, but didn't start working with muds until I was 14.
I'm 27 now, so as you can tell, I've been in this a long time.

Over the years, I've ran my fare share of muds:

Demonthya - A Mud my brother and I were making offline, made it online briefly
Pillars of Immortality - What Demonthya turned into, ran for afew years with 5-10 active staff,
no players.
The Dark Forgotten - In 1997, a friend asked for some help with a mud, and Pillars was dying
so I took over coding this mud.
Sandstorm:Mages Sanctuary - In 2001, Nick (TDF's Owner vanished) and I was left with the reigns
so I continued to develop it under this new name with friends for many
years, peaking at 80 players online at its highest. (not counting staff)

April 2005 Nick turned up again, he had been battling Leukimia, later
that year Nick passed away. The players saddened by this, and staff alike,
we took a hit, almost shutdown the mud. But the players came back, and built
monuments to Nick in the game. Which was pretty awesome that they did that.

For the rest of the year we had between 20-60 players daily, while not
always on at the same time, we were always logging many logins, and hours
of gameplay.

In September 2005 I joined the Military, and left off to basic. Leaving Sandstorm in the what I thought was
capable hands of my trusted number 2 in command. However, it took him only a month to bring down
years of work. When I returned from my basic training in 2006, Sandstorm was destroyed, no players, no staff,
and for the year and a bit it was a battle to get anyone back into the mud.

Febuary 2008, I officially shutdown Sandstorm, declaring it dead and over, 500,000 lines of unwanted
code, atleast thats how I took it. Too many years wasted on trying to revive what could not be
revived. My staff wouldn't come back because the person I left in charge effectively deleted their work,
and when he went postal, he also deleted our backups, as he had access to my backup server where all
the backups were kept. Why did he go postal? Nobody knows, he vanished when I returned, didn't even
start up a mud with the code elsewhere.

June 1st 2008, as a joke, I started developing a new mud, never thought it would amount to anything,
however, after a few months, it started to take a real good shape. And it inspired me to develop
the mud further. And CombatMud was born.

I've used my knowledge of the Military, and my love for futuristic combat, meshed with my love of
dungeons and dragons, to create a new world, wrapped in a futuristic, post apocalyptic setting.

Heres some of the many features of CombatMud:

9 Remort tiers
7 Classes each with 3 sub-classes
9 Player Races each with their own racial skills
Sect Based PVP System (free for-all against the apposing sect)
Automated Raid system
Automated War (snippet)
Automated Quests (snippet)
Automated Global Quests (snippet)
Over 20 random Daily' bonus's
xTerm256 Colours (snippet by Scandum)
Player Account Management System
Turn Based Combat (Originally by Midboss - Stock Combat gone)
Ivans OLC 1.81 with mobprogs
Lua Enhanced global Mudprogs (Pedlar/Kiasyn get mucho thanks for helping me make this work)
Lua driven Mission system (Scripted Quests if you will)
Relic/Artifact system
3000x3000 worldmap to explore
Complete REAL TIME STRATEGY system for those Tier 4 and above (build on the worldmap)
Random Item Generation for shops and selected mobs.
Random Drop system for mobs.
Unique skill practicing system (Driven by Pedlar)
Completely Destroyable Landscapes via the Explosives Systems
Supports Guns, Grenades, Mines, Nukes, Traps
Room-to-Room (ranged) Combat
Content Filter System (Reduce or increase the amount of information your client recieves)
And Much, Much More.

A glimpse at the overall Story:

A world at war, full of death, disease, and destruction.
Radiation seeps from the core of the earth. As atom bombs hail
from the lucid skies above. Blood smears across the streets as
it showers from the heavens as the battle rages on. Alliance
and Rebellion clash in the battle of all ages, blood spills for
anyone who dare make good with either sect. Enter the world where
war is now. And the fates of all whom dare enter, truly affect the
world around them.

What I want from you:

We are currently seeking Player-Testers, or anyone who wants to give us a try.
We are also seeking out capable area builders, with experience in Ivans OLC *
- Builders must be ready to build a massive world in a futuristic setting
with a post-apocolyptic feel. And must be ready to tell a story with what
they write.
And lastly, we want everyone to just stop on by, and check us out.
- Remember, there is a big learning curve with us, but we welcome everyone

* Builders will still need to be taught as this isn't some stock ROM mud, there is allot
more to it, so builders must also be ready to learn all the new changes.
- Builders are highly encouraged to write their area's with mission's in-mind, catering
to either sect, or per-sect. Missions while story-written by builder, the script is
written by Myself, or the Great Lua Master himself 'Pedlar' ;)

Fun Facts:
Stock rom is 47,000 someodd lines of C code.
CombatMud is 125,000 lines of C++ Code. (definatly not stock rom)

CombatMud is in development, leading into the V6 upgrade, which stands to be the
largest upgrade yet. Filling in the missing pieces. Skills/spells/balancing.

Average Players online: 1, just me because my staff is lazy because I haven't advertised
for players yet (This'll show'em!… No excuses now ;) )

Incase you missed it above, were hiring builders ;)

Connect to CombatMud Today!
Website: CombatMud's Official Website (needs work...
Telnet: telnet://sandstorm.arthmoor.com:9696

Feel free to post your thoughts on CombatMud but if you do, please at least give it a try first.
You can also write me notes in game command 'note write' send me emails (should be in the sig)
And of course, you can always PM me here.

Cheers folks!