31 May, 2009, Runter wrote in the 1st comment:
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One of my projects I'm now involved with is a tactical space based combat mud. No melee/ground forces combat.

It's early still but I intend it to be all fleet vs fleet based combat with the ability to issue orders to task forces.
I intend to use a massive scale galaxy with up to 5-20 million objects.
It's also all from scratch in Ruby. I've got enough as the sockets and basic chat platform so far.

Currently the project intends to be set in the Macross mythos in the timeline ofnear Macross Frontier.

What I'm in need of:
People with creative ideas that are willing to bounce some with me.
People with Ruby experience
People with web design experience.
People who are fans of Macross

To contact me:
Aim: JeffreyBasurto
MSN: a_beautiful_paradigm@live.com