16 May, 2009, Sorressean wrote in the 1st comment:
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I'm rather new here, and wanted to give a bit of an overview/introduce myself.
My name is tyler. My interests are in muds, (both as a player and a coder; I ca'nt write descriptions to save my life), and just code in general. C++,c#,php,python,c, etc etc. I'm visually impaired (have light and dark perception), so most of my coding and computer usage (actually all), is done with the aid of a screen reader. I tend not to bring it up, but a lot of muds I've noticed seem to rely heavily on ascii art to be a decent player. I like a sense of not having to rely on people like that, so I tend to avoid those. I usually hang out on Godwars II, (where I spend more time than I really should), Aeonian Dreams, and disc world from time to time.

17 May, 2009, Banner wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Welcome to Mudbytes, Soressean. I only met one other programmer that used a screen reader, which I find interesting in and of itself, but he was and SWR programmer. Feel free to ask for help should you need it.