13 May, 2009, Igabod wrote in the 1st comment:
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As most of you know, I run a LOW4 mud that's still in development (at a slow pace). Though lately I've actually become a player for the first time in several years. I haven't found any muds in the past 6 or more years that were worth me spending my time on, but things have changed.

I'm kind of a starwars nerd… ok I'm a big starwars nerd. And I've tried a LOT of starwars muds out there and found them to be a fun diversion for a short while, but they quickly became stale and I lost interest once my character was maxed out. However I got on Starwars: Galactic Insights just to check out some new features for a friend. I saw what he had done with a unique corporations feature and several other features and was blown away by all the neat stuff he'd done. I was so impressed in fact that I put production on my own mud on hold just so I could play his mud.

As you may have noticed, the frequency of my posts has dropped drastically in the past couple months. This is not due to me getting a life or anything insane like that. It's due to me being so addicted to this mud that I just can't stop playing long enough to be bothered to read forums.

I'm not one who usually advertises for myself let alone anybody else, but I think this mud is under-appreciated and deserves a lot more players than it already has. There's generally about 5 players on between the hours of 11pm and 7am (the times I'm online) and I understand there's a few more than that during the daytime. I'm shocked that there's not 50 players on at all times with how much this SWR has deviated from the stock code and how well the features have been done.

Alright, that's my testimonial, and those of you who are familiar with me will realize how rare it is for me to give such high praise to anybody.

Now for a short list of the features that drew my attention.

**Corporations (open and run your own company)
**Playable droids with upgrade chips available to purchase (you can make an astromech and upgrade it with chips that make it able to fight as well as the typical astromech duties)
**Bank loans possible in case you run out of cash
**Lottery tickets, BIG money possible to be won (weekly drawings)
**Lots of unique forcer skills/spells (104 spells available)
**Planetary upgrades (shields and barracks)
**Planetary bombardment from space (that's what the upgrades are useful for)
**Open pk system. Must use the pkreason command, but most reasons are acceptable. The imms only judge pkreasons if the the dead player complains that it wasn't a legit kill and even then, most pkreasons are accepted.

There's a BUNCH of other features that I haven't even begun to cover, but those are just some of my favorites.

Log on now and mention that Chalahab referred you so we can both get 100rpp. And for those of you that are interested in RP, Chalahab is an Albino Wookiee Jedi. Endless opportunities for RP there, I'm willing to rp with anybody.

The addy is swgi.org port 8060. There's also forums available to see some of the RP that goes on here and discuss ideas at forum.swgi.org check it out. I'll be waiting.
13 May, 2009, Vladaar wrote in the 2nd comment:
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I have no interest in SWR, but I am always pleased to see a person
who was re-inventing the wheel, find a mud that makes them happy
instead of adding to the hundreds of muds out there.