01 May, 2009, Webbby wrote in the 1st comment:
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i'm running a dystopia mud and im having trouble finding where in fight.c do i set the class's melee and melee damages. I coded a new class and even though it has 7k damcap. it does like 500 damage to another player and only does like 2 hits

also, im having trouble setting the damage for samurai's swordtech fury.
in fight.c i have
if (dt == gsn_sfury && IS_CLASS(ch, CLASS_HIGHLANDER))
dam = number_range(2500,5000);


i can change that number to 10000, and it'll still do the same damage. around 500-1000.
02 May, 2009, Sharmair wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Just some notes on the fury:

The code you have there can be simplified to just: (but this is not your problem)
if(!IS_NPC(ch) && IS_CLASS(ch, CLASS_HIGHLANDER) && dt == gsn_sfury)
dam = number_range(2500, 5000);

I would check to make sure the samurai is referred to internally as CLASS_HIGHLANDER,
that your fury skill is calling damage() with a damage type (dt) of gsn_sfury, this part
of the code is in the main control path (not in an if that could be false or the like) and
the variable dam is not clipped (or changed in any other way) after this and before the
damage is actually done to the victim. If this last part is your problem, it also could
explain your other damage not being in the range you expect (and I HAVE seen damage
being limited in some codebases, though I don't know about yours).