23 Apr, 2009, Dean wrote in the 1st comment:
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Sometime on April 25th, Dragonball Advent Truth will open doors to beta testers (or just players as the case might be). We're not quite finished, but there is plenty to see and do and you can not only find a good time but help us to become even better. At this stage, the only place connection details will be posted is on our forums, so sign up at http://www.dragonballat.com/forum. While you're there, feel free to engage in mature conversation with like minded gamers, ask questions etc!
26 Apr, 2009, Dean wrote in the 2nd comment:
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We're now open for player testers. Connection details are as follows:
host address: www.dragonballat.com
port: 1280
beta password: nobakecookies

So feel free to come along and check us out.

Cheers, Gotrek/Dean