15 Apr, 2009, Zenn wrote in the 1st comment:
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I got tired of clicking onto multiple websites to check the forums, so I stuck an RSS feed, some links, and a search box that directs to MudSeek on a toolbar.

Internet Explorer (5.0+) Download:

Firefox Download:

It has links to various sites, RSS feeds from TMS, MudBytes, and TMC, and a chat room in a drop-down box that works with other people that have the toolbar.

If you use it, please ensure that you uncheck all checkboxes that it offers you.

You also need to click the drop down box inside the search box and select 'MUDSeek' so that it'll work with MUDSeek. Unfortunately I can't get it to set this by default. :(

- Zenn

P.S.: Suggestions are welcome if you have any ideas for anything else I could add to it.