15 Apr, 2009, Roswellien wrote in the 1st comment:
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Death Rising: Rebirth is a mud brought back after being gone for nearly 8 years. I recently brought my mud back online using my old DRM1.3b code base which is a RoT/Rom deriv. I am currently working on a few projects before opening to the public. The mud is based on a "dark fantasy" concept.

One of those projects is round out the areas available for players to hunt/explore. As it stands I am the only builder with experience (and not much at that) and have 1 staff member currently attempting to learn building.

I am currently looking for someone to take over as a Head Builder and do some building themselves but mainly be responsible for hiring new builders and training them as need be. The more experience the better.

Death Rising has the following features -

- Nearly 100% original world
- Over 270 spells/skills
- 7 classes with 4 tiers each
- 805 mortal levels, 201 per tier
- Special "ancient" status on 4th tier

And much much more.

If you are interested please send an email to - lokine@deathrisingmud.com.