10 Apr, 2009, Kalus wrote in the 1st comment:
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Exodus.Genesismuds.Com Port 1101

A wonderful mud has a great desire for new players. We offer:

All original world - More than 15K rooms, multiple continents
Fantasy setting
Highly modified ROM/DIKU
Many unique features (not just ROM add-ons)
Auto and IMM run quests
Great immortal staff
Small player base
RP encouraged

Exodus is a mud started originally in 1996, and has seen some great development over the years. It has a small but loyal following of players, some who have been there since the mud opened. It is truly a unique mud with enough Original areas and features to keep even the most veteran mudder engaged.

Exodus is newbie friendly (though it won't hold your hand through MUD School - you won't find one - you are expected to go searching out things from the begining, though there are many items and helpfiles to get you started).

Hope to see you on soon!
11 Apr, 2009, Elervan wrote in the 2nd comment:
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I would first like to say that I love this place. I've been a active member since 1997. It's gone through years of changes and different staff members have come and gone, but still he keeps going. I'm going to list some of the features that I like in hopes to catch some peoples eyes to maybe give it a shot.

Clans - Fully player driven, the only time a immortal is truly needed is to connect your clan hall to the world.
Multiclassing - You go through 3 stages in your career to level 90, 1 - 30 first tier class, 31 - 60 2nd tier, and 61 - 90 third tier. Now you could go right to 90 as a warrior without multiclassing, but you could go war/cle/cle depends up to you.
Remorts - Offers both Race and Class remorts like Necromancer raiser of the dead, or be a Kalian, a type of day-walking vampire.
Ocean - Exodus has a ocean that is roughly around 8000+ rooms in size. Fear not though! You can buy a ship to sail that monster.
Player housing + shops - Players can both buy rooms to construct houses (or keeps/castles) and make a shop to sell their extra un-needed items.
Skills/spells - A huge list of skills/spells/chants/prayers/invokes that players get depending on their class.

This is just a short list of features I like, somethings that ARE NOT included that people like are things such as: ASCII-maps, we don't have them and I'm not sure Exodus ever will, as most players tend to explore and learn the areas not to need them. Clan Wars are there but they tend not to do much but keep a record, hopefully someday the points from winning can go to buying things for your clan.

Overall I love this place and will continue to support it as long as it stays running.

– Elervan/Clive/Clyve/Rygar
11 Apr, 2009, Zeno wrote in the 3rd comment:
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I recommend you use quote, not code. You're pushing the width out.