04 Apr, 2009, Lancsta wrote in the 1st comment:
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Time of Troubles MUD is looking for a coder to help assist with various projects. Time of Troubles is based off of Sunder 2.0 and has been fully expanded beyond its original state. Don't be discouraged, it's still got that ROM/ROT feel. We have over 1000 skills and spells, which have been balanced with each of the 8 current classes. We have 4 new classes in the design stages already. 30 player races, nearly 100% original world, up to 10000 rooms. Full MXP, MSP, and MCCP. Have have new advancements for MXP we're getting ready to drop in for builders, to work with out map system.

Recently we have had our server crash, being down for 3 months, and have lost all of our staff. We're looking for someone with plenty of experience with ROM/ROT style muds. Almost anybody can install snippets, but we need someone that understands C and C++ that can identify bugs, knows how to use gdb, etc. etc. Also web page editing a plus.

If your interested or have any questions, please email me at Lancsta@gmail.com
http://www.TimeofTroubles.com Is in the middle of a server change and is down atm.
11 May, 2009, Lancsta wrote in the 2nd comment:
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After a few months of down time, and hosting from my home pc, we finally have a new home. Time of Troubles MUD can now be found and played at TimeofTroubles.kicks-ass.net:3334 We're looking for bother Builders and Coders. And if your one of our old staff feel free to return, all player files are still available, we have not and hopefully will not do a pwipe.
28 May, 2009, Lancsta wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Just letting everyone know our website is finally back online and fully functional. We're still looking for a Coder and Builders.

Check us out at Time of Troubles Website or login at www.timeoftroubles.kicks-ass.net 3334