02 Apr, 2009, newcoder wrote in the 1st comment:
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I'm having trouble with adding areas to my mud.

Sometimes i get the following bug:
FILE: enclave.are LINE: 1630
BUG: Fread_String MAX_STRING 1413120 exceeded

If i remove the desc for the room it compiles nicely but if i add it online using OLC, quit and recompile it will crash again.

Don't know exactly what to do or look for as im trying to learn but hopefully someone can help me.

The desc:
This hole is dark and confined and the chilling winds from above blow down
the hole with stunning force. A small pile of torn, crushed bones has been
thrown in here like garbage. A hole leads up out of the hole and some dried
encrusted bones have been piled up to the west, partly blocking out a tunnel.

02 Apr, 2009, Omega wrote in the 2nd comment:
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MAX_STRING is in your DB.C I believe.

It means you've exceeded its max, so increase your MAX_STRING value.

#define MAX_STRING 1413120

make it like 2826240, that doubles your max-string capability, and that won't happen again for awhile.