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Take note that the pbase has dwindled to nothing over
the past few months, whereas we used to have 15-20 active.
Please don't instantly log out when you log on. Spend an
hour or so with the game and you will realize how much
different we are from other wannabe SWRs out there. Give us a
chance and bring your friends to promote our game. Where we
once dominated TMS's top spot for futuristic games and below
90 on TMC, we have fallen in rank. Let's get back there, you game?

Galactic Insights is among the top most feature rich
and story driven SWR MUDs available. We have over 2600
changes, use the Galactic Insights v3.0 codebase,
one of a kind, and employ some of the most mature and
experienced immortals available. We have a test port to
test code on, so you will never experience multiple copyovers.
We are never down, and in our current state, we have been running
for 3 years straight. To top it off, we even have unique things that no other
SWR has accomplished. SWGI sets the standard for other SWRs, forcing
them to step up their game. Other SWR Administrators program in features
they seen on SWGI or use our MUD as a template when attempting to start their own.
Do you know of any other MUD that can boast even 3-4 of our most unique features?
No? Then why would you subject yourself to sub-par gaming when you can satiate
all your needs right here? We have a MUD loaded with features you won't find anywhere else,
stock areas with tweaks from the original and custom areas so vast
you'll feel like you're in the SWU. Give us a chance. Hundreds
of others have.

We are also taking clan leader and forcer applications.


**NEW** Corporations. Start, run, and manage your own business.
**NEW** Horde Minigame. Join your friends and fight wave after wave of mobs in increasing strength and numbers.
**NEW** Account System. Tracks all alts and stores them to one account at logon.
**NEW** Trivia System. Allows immortals to host a trivia and award players for winning.
Fully functional pregnancy code.
Never before seen- ability to AUCTION your ships. Unique to this MUD.
Player shop code. Open your own shop, customize it, stock it, and make money.
Ship modules. Build, and then modify your ship.
Fully functional INTRODUCTION system. "A very tall, male Wookiee of a solid build stands here."
Engineer built ships via the designship system.
Unique DROID CHIP SYSTEM - allows droids to modify skills and levels with chips.. WE did it FIRST!
CREDIT LOAN SYSTEM. Take a loan from the bank… WE did it FIRST!
LOTTERY system! Play each week and win BIG!
-HEAVY- Roleplay Environment.
Code changes on a daily basis. Literally.
Comm frequencies for enforced roleplay. "tell 456.129 Yes, I'll buy it."
Ally/War system for clans - tracking the status.
Heavily modified space system.
ARENA mini-game(fun).
FREEZE tag mini-game(more fun).
LAZER tag mini-game(ultimate fun).
HISCORE system - tracking player statistics. Compete for #1.
MULTI-PLAY system for lans/computer labs.
Mob-run questing system for earning quest points to purchase quest items.
Ships explode when out of fuel? Nope.
RPPSET command for immortals to award RP to serious RP'ers.
Command to purchase RP items, such as force, bonus levels, or skill percentages.
Excellent use of the Emergency Copyover System (ECS) - No downtime or player interruption.
Excellent server - no lag for most people.
Strict anti-cheating measures via MSM 1.5.
284 skills.
104 forcer spells.
24 races, including droid playable.
Slicer class. Slice banks, steal ships.. endless amounts of awesome skills.
Keypadded doors.
NEWBIE HELPER system. Rewards for them and help for you!
Planetary Upgrade System(Shields and Barracks).
Planetary bombing from space.
Fighter ejection system, fighter afterburners, cloaking, ship alarm systems.
Ship CARGO system.
Entex/extex .. set your own logon/logout message.
Open PK System. All PK reasons accepted unless you were killed and want to have an Admin review it.


Player opinion:

"I've been through a few MUDs, some better than others, all better
than RITS. One thing you don't see to often is one like this."

"The game has good RPers and all around helpful people."

"Star Wars: Galactic Insights is one of the most motivating star wars
muds I've played. All of the players I've run into thus far have
been very helpful, as well as the staff."

"…it is an incredibly well put together mud with a very
friendly playerbase."

"It has been well built and alot of additions have been made to the
mud since I first played there last year."

"Star Wars Galactic insight is full of impressive features…"

"…by far one of the best star wars muds…"

We're a gold coin in a pile of silver ones.




Email: Shoie13@gmail.com
AIM: SystmFrz

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