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Anodyne III is the third incarnation of a class-less, level-
less system modeled on Runequest, Rolemaster, Palladium, and
other RPGs. The game is a hybrid between a roleplay intensive
MUD and a hack-and-slash game.

Players learn skills and run quests from mobiles and acquire
random equipment as they explore the world. Every skill and
ability is improved by use, including mana and hit points!
If you want to create a certain type of character, learn the
skills and put them to use. There's very little limit to
character advancement.

Randomly placed dungeons in grid areas with dynamic
descriptions insure that no adventure is the same each time.
New features are being added all the time in this BETA test
stage of Anodyne III, so come in and tell us what you think
and your input could be used tomake the game better :)

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