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Shadow Siege is a mud with enforced roleplay, a levelless and classless system, sort of hybrid, semi-perm death, experience for roleplaying, and a great thematic background. A custom world and heavily modified, originally Circle code.

Shadow Siege is set in the world of Aagos, which has been devastated by a cataclysm that has left just one major city standing amidst a sea of darkness and demons. As the years have passed, some of that darkness has been slowly pushed back, and new player-made settlements now populate the nearby wilderness.

Shadow Siege has crafts, a player economy, houses, shops, organizations and all those sorts of things you would expect in an RPI. In addition, the world is growing and changing in response to player's actions.

Shadow Siege has a rich thematic background. The basics can be found on the webpage at www.shadowsiege.com and also on our wiki at www.shadowiki.com, but what you will find there is only part of the story. There are dozens of secrets to be uncovered and half-truths to be exposed in game.

Vital stats:

• levelless, classless system
• RP enforced
• exp gained and skills advanced through RP
• growing and changing world
• 15-20 people at peaks
• roleplay admin happy to assist with your RP
• death is generally permanent by a player, sometimes permanent by NPCs. Newbs tend to get a free death by an NPC.