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TinTin++ is a free Mud client for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. The Windows port uses PuTTY for its terminal emulation.

TinTin++ Mud Client

Recent changes: Added support for auto tab completion based on the scrollback buffer, and added a hack to prevent losing the cursor position in split mode.

Supported protocols: Character Mode, GA, MCCP, MudMaster Chat, NAWS, TELNET, VT100.

Notable features:
  • 256 color highlights.

  • Auto mapping with split screen ascii map.

  • 64 bit floating point arithmic and logical expressions.

  • Indented script reading.

  • POSIX extended regular expressions and a config option to use regex globally.

  • Ability to run programs like ssh and lynx with access to all of tintin's scripting capabilities.

  • Ability to run commands and scripts written in python, ruby, perl, php, etc, through the command line interface and store the output in a list variable.

  • Powerful text formatting command using a sprintf like syntax.