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Hello everyone.

I was stoping by to get input from potential players,
thedragonrebornmud will lanch for ptesters in fall of 2010.
Right now I am just looking for input on varies asspects of the game.

I am updating the forums as I can,(I just hired a Co-Owner for the busniess side of things, as all I have experience with is codeing) so previews of the game will come more quickly now.


Any input will be greatly appricated.

Thank you, here is the output from the staffing board.

There will be many many things to set this one above and beyond the others. Just to list a few.

1) 6player classes, 7player races, from Trollocs, Aiel, Soulless, Seanchan and more.

2)Aes Seadi/Warder bonds will be based on NPC's (although if they fill they would like to bond a PC that option will be there also)

3)Wilders that choose not to enter the White Tower, will not be able to channel at will. (Because of there block)

4)Suldam/Damane will also be based on NPC, although there will be a option to create a damane, they will be unable to channel until they are leashed.

And much much more (I wouldnt like to tell you everything just yet)

I have been working very hard over the last 9months on coding in all my feature's.

Coding for the Aes Sedai/Warder and Suldam/Damane are the same, You can either bond a PC or a NPC. (Ask Hogan for a warder, Or ask a der'sul'dam for a damane) Or find a char in the game that has the rank of Gaidin, or capture a seanchan wilder PC ( They will know the risk of getting leashed, if they choose channeler, with Seanchan race.)

The period will be set after Aiel War.

The battle was fierce before the Shinning walls of Tar Valon, Four clans of Aiel had come across the Spine, to deal with the tree killer, King Laman. After a long siege to the island, the aiel where turned back, but not before they killed King Laman.

Most Aes Sedai, were out healing the wounded as they could, but in the Amyrlin's chamber, a foretelling was taking place, Gitara Sedai started up out of her chair, 'He is born again! I feel him! The Dragon takes his first breath on the slope of Dragonmount! He is coming! He is coming! Light help us!

I will be staying 99% true to Robert Jordan s wonderful works! Examples:

I have coded in a 100% unique weave systems.
How can there be a trainer for male channelers, when the last male aes sedai is dead? Well by playing with the elements of course!

Wilders will be the same.

Only female's of the White Tower and aiel channelers will have the ability to be taught weaves.

Tel'aran'rhiod of course, with ter'angreal anyone can touch the world of dreams. As long as a Aes Sedai, doesn't catch you with property of the White Tower.

Talents I have coded in every talent from all reference's of the Wot. Chances are though most will never be figured out, but they are there for the most boldest of channelers that can solve how to learn something long forgotten.

Many, many ter'angreal spread across the world, some will need the ability to channel to use, some will not, be very carefully studying them though, Aes Sedai have been stilled by them.

Want to be a Wise One, or Clan chief, can you survive the truth awaiting you in Rhuidean, if you are granted permission to enter from the Wise Ones.

The Children of light have scoured the lands, seeking out Darkfriends, they will have the ability to put you to the question, if you show cause.

Timeline of Game starts as The aiel war ends, and the Dragon is reborn.

How viable is it going to be to play as a male channeler? Assuming you don't go mad or rot to death first, won't your gameplay pretty much consist of running away from Red Ajah?

I will address this in sections:

1. Taint, Yes it is there, but each Male Channeler will succumb to it at different times. But the main factor is there will be ways ingame to deal with it, from taking you over. Just as in the books, Some can hold it at bay for years and years.

2. This may change at a different time, if it affects the Balance of the game. No 2 channelers will be equal in strength. Casaduane Sedai, is a Standard which all Aes Sedai look up to, Just as Male Channelers differ in there strength. Channelers have a extra Stat to worry about, which will effect how strong they are while channeling.

3. The Red Ajah, were to begin with this one, Reds will always be a problem to Male channelers, But if you can work out how to learn a weave long forgotten, Shimmering, you will be able to change your name for a short period as well, as your level (lower of course) but still possible.
Which in mudding, would be the same as changing your appearance.

Forums are at:
They are very new though.

Here is a partial from the forums about the weaving system.

The Weave System

thedragonrebornmud will have a one of a kind weaveing system. Where most muds have trianers to learn skills(white tower females will have trianers) most of the channeler classes will not. They will have to experiment with the diffrent flows, to learn weaves. Earth, Fire, Spirit, Water, Air. Extending flows in certain orders till they figure out how to weave certain things. There will be 3 branches of diffrent weaves, Wrong but still weavable, Correct but not enough flows, and Correct.


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The rest of the weave system can be viewed at the forums.

Thank you and happy mudding
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"The forum is dead, please contact us at the support forum?" :thinking:

I know what is meant, but the phrasing just sounds funny. :smile:
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not thedragonreborn.freeforums.org

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Might want to edit your post then. :)
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Thank you zeno, didnt notice it was wrong. :redface: