28 Jan, 2009, Marrcon wrote in the 1st comment:
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Greetings and Salutations,

First I would like to introduce my self, My name is Chris aka Marrcon, I am 33 years old and have been playing muds for the better part of 11 years now. I cannot say I have seen it all but I come close. :O)

I learned most of my computer skills from UGA (go dawgs), I now work for a company developing kernels.

Well enough about me onto my Mud. I have always loved the Wheel of Time series, ever since I picked up the first one in the early 90's. There is only one real mud worth talking about when it comes to wot. www.wotmud.org, While there game is completely unquie, to me there could be so much more.

There will be many many things to set this one above and beyond the others. Just to list a few.

1) 6player classes, 7player races, from Trollocs, Aiel, Soulless, Seanchan and more.

2)Aes Seadi/Warder bonds will be based on NPC's (although if they fill they would like to bond a PC that option will be there also)

3)Wilders that choose not to enter the White Tower, will not be able to channel at will. (Because of there block)

4)Suldam/Damane will also be based on NPC, although there will be a option to create a damane, they will be unable to channel until they are leashed.

And much much more (I wouldnt like to tell you everything just yet)

I have been working very hard over the last 9months on coding in all my feature's.

The position of Co-Owner has some reqs.
Applicant must be creative, work well with others, be willing to put alot of hard work in before seeing (our) dream come to life, building knowledge a plus, but not needed, MUST have immortal experience.

Having read the Wheel of Time series will also be a big plus, but must have read atleast a few of the books.

Emails to marrcon@genesismuds.com, any applicants i will respond with my phone number so we can talk more in depth.
or post at thedragonrebornmud.freeforums.org

Thank you all agin and have a wonderful day, Happy Muding!!
28 Jan, 2009, Marrcon wrote in the 2nd comment:
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I would like to thank everyone that applied for the postion of Co-Owner. The postion has now been filled. Look for the mud to open to ptesters in the fall of 2010 as of right now.

I would still like to invite everyone that loves the wheel of time series, to post suggestion for the game, at thedragonrebornmud.freeforums.org, and suggestions will be answered promptly.

We are still looking for clan reps. And will open to builders and admins later this year. One thing to rember is people that come forth now as clan reps and show a good apptitude for it will be the first to be offered the postion of Immortal over that guild.

THank you for all your time, have a lovely day, and happy mudding!!!!