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ConQUEST is a custom-codebase mud that has quietly been in development for about four years. Most of the mud's major features are in place, and work is now focused on developing the game world and the mud's custom client. We are looking for individuals interested in contributing to a mud whose focuses are player-player interaction, exploration, and puzzle solving. Here is a description the positions we are looking to fill, and what to expect out of the game.

We are currently looking for three or four content developers, one or two user interface designers for our custom client, and a web developer.

Content developers will focus on designing interesting world-encounters that give players chances to make friends and enemies with the various NPC factions. Focus is on quality over quantity. You will be developing rich interactive situations with our powerful and easy to use scripting language. More traditional building roles are also available, where developers can design faction base camps or dangerous dungeons for players to explore.

We require one or two user interface designers to work on our custom client (Java). Your focus will be on making the client visually appealing, intuitively organized, easy to use, and accessible to people with little to no familiarity with muds. ConQUEST has an easily extended client communication protocol that allows you to identify the type of information the client is receiving, for organizational and labeling purposes. A proof-of-concept with examples of current functionality is available at the bottom of this advertisement (including popup windows for inventory and NPC dialogs, point-and click interaction with NPCs and objects that appear on screen, and unit-frames for player and target health). Your job will be to utilize these and other functionality to create a visually appealing, easy to use mud client.

Finally, ConQUEST requires a website, and is looking for a web developer to give the mud the exposure it deserves. This is the least constrained of the positions, and ideal for beginners looking for experience. At the moment, we are simply looking for someone with a knack for design to develop an attractive website for us to present introductory information about the mud. Fancy is not necessary. Your duties will include designing the site layout, and maintaining the information on it if you desire. If you wish to do any sort of web integration with the mud server, your efforts will be accommodated.

About the mud:

Level-based character advancement is minimal. Instead, characters develop by manipulating a rich interconnected social structure of NPC factions, making friends, allies (, and enemies) along the way. NPC factions can later come back to help or hinder you in the role you seek to fill within the game world. Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who has found a rich, untapped diamond mine? Do you need labor and protection for your operation? Maybe you could hire the local orcs you have befriended. However, be careful not to catch the attention of the giants in the region; they are greedy and do not care one way or another about you or the orcs. Perhaps even more dangerous are players from opposing guilds who may try to bribe the orcs into betraying you. What will you do about them?!

ConQUEST allows players to contribute to a rich, evolving, dynamic world. Start your own trading company collecting rare and exotic items for players in need. Or maybe organize your own city and guild, providing your followers with protection and high-quality manufactured equipment in exchange for monthly taxes. Of course, foes will be made along the way. Have you not guarded your trading post well enough? Do not be surprised if thieves sneak in and steal from your vault at night. Have you not made good on the founding promises of your guild? Beware plotting sub-factions that may want to blaze their own trails, and rise up to usurp control of bases and strongholds you have built.

Focus is on the interconnectedness of players, the need to cooperate to achieve large goals, and the conflicts that may arise instead. If you prefer more periphery gameplay, take up the role of a freelance mercenary or hero. Sell your finely honed combat skills out to cities and guilds to fend off dragon attacks or deal with unruly insubordinates, without committing yourself to particular organizations and their politics. Delve dungeons looking for treasure that other players would not have the skills or guts to acquire. Become a diplomat for hire, dedicating your life to befriending NPC factions, and selling your services to help resolve conflicts between factions (players or otherwise). Or maybe just become a simple farmer in the country, growing high-quality produce that would not be possible in the land surrounding polluted cities, and selling it at market once a week. These are all possibilities that will be supported in game.

If this sounds like a mud you would enjoy helping to develop, contact me via email or in game. Look for Alister. Please explain what you can provide, and why you would be a good addition to the team.

Connect at:

The beginnings of our custom client is available at:
ConQUEST Mud Client

Thank you for your time!