13 Jan, 2009, tphegley wrote in the 1st comment:
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Arrant Destiny

There is a storm on all horizons of Oerth. Iuz's army of demons has all but
crushed the Shield Lands and clashes with the might forces of Good in the
Kingdom of Furyondy. Turrosh Mok plots the demise of the entire Wild Coast
and most notably the City of Greyhawk. All the while, Queen Yolande sits
quiet, unwilling to commit elven lives to human wars. Paranoia strickens
every government as the Scarlet Brotherhood seems capable of infiltrating
even the most closed kingdoms. Immortals with their motives sit high above,
watching their followers and enemies closely. Heroes of every alignment
fight for their cause, while others fight for survival. This is the World
of Greyhawk, this is Arrant Destiny.

    * Arrant Destiny has existed and grown constantly for over 13 years.
    * It uses a heavily Modified Envy 2.0 Codebase.
    * Has a highly evolved and balanced combat system.
    * 16 unique classes.
    * 14 playable races, and over 80 through the polymorph spell.
    * Hundreds of spells and skills.
    * Unique spell system where you have to memorize spells before you can cast them.
    * Thousands of treasures to seek.
    * Over 80 areas, nearing 10,000 rooms.
    * Active builders and Immortals.
    * Accurately based on the D&D World of Greyhawk Campaign.
    * Great emphasis on Roleplay.

We have just added three new classes to Arrant Destiny and we have put a lower level cap on the mud from 95 to 30 to let new and old players alike join together in force. As the player base meets certain criteria the level cap will raise 10 levels. We will be raising to 40 soon.

Please check it out at http://www.admud.com port 1999
You can also check out our website at admud.com but it will be going through a change over the next month or so.
04 Feb, 2009, tphegley wrote in the 2nd comment:
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I am looking for the few brave souls willing
to leave their families for a return they know not.
There is a darkness looming in the south. War is
almost certain. There are cries from the underground.
Who will heed this call? The gods of Reason and Light
have met and counsel has been taken. Whom shall
we call upon to bring this darkness into the light?

There are few, but heros will be made. Legends
will be spoken by the common man, songs will be
sung by the bards, children will rise to strength
from the heroics of their fathers.

Whom then shall come? Who will aid the north to
set up a stronghold in the south to wipe the very
night from this Oerth.

The day draws forth. No longer shall we wield the
the plow and shovel, but swords! We must fight.

Rise up! Stout of heart, long of beard, strong
of muscle for Time draws near.

We will stand.

http://admud.com port 1999