09 Jan, 2009, Chris Bailey wrote in the 1st comment:
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I was just wondering if Lobotomy might have gotten back into development on EndeavorMUD. I liked the way it was looking and was hoping to see another version. Anything?
09 Jan, 2009, Lobotomy wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Yes, I did start working on it again a while back, although the development has been off and on since then; being hostless for a while there didn't help things, and lately Fallout 3 is complicating matters further (:tongue:). I don't have an eta for when the next version will be ready, although I could likely have it done within a month (or less) if I start gearing down on it again.

I'd have a development snapshot up on its sourceforge page, were it not that I'm still at odds with myself as to what to license the next release under. I'm leaning towards doing another Public Domain release, but I'm also thinking of BSD or something of that sort this time around as well. The only one I'm not considering is GPL and its variants. I'm not real fond of how they have things set up with that one.

Anyhow, thanks for inquiring about the project. The extra encouragement is helpful. :smile:
09 Jan, 2009, Chris Bailey wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Oh excellent, I was hoping it was still going. New codebases are great to see, they just seem to keep getting better! =) Just make sure to upload it here too so I know when it's out, hehe.