09 Jan, 2009, Jariah wrote in the 1st comment:
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Thanks, Kline, that's really cool! I hope the same happens for me. While being stationed there, have you had adequate time to explore a lot of Japan? I mostly want to see Shibuya really bad, but I also want to see everything else Japan has to offer.

Well.. I said it'd be a while before I mentioned my dream MUD but, I can't seem to organize my thoughts very well whenever I try. I'll just throw the main features of the MUD out there and let them be molded by the people with knowledge's questions.

To start, it's like this. (And remember I don't know all the proper terms. I'm just an ignorant dreamer)
The setting and all happenings of the MUD take place in one world, but I want that world to not be built up by thousands of rooms. Instead, I want to use the basic coordinates feature of SWR-based games' space travel systems. What I mean is I want coordinates such as x,y, and z to make up a latitude, longitude, and altitude (or elevation) system in the game. In conjunction, I'd basically have the normal rooms, areas, and zones or whatever all melted down into areas I call fields. Each field would be a separate area analogous to a graphical game's "map" (like how you move from map to map and have to let the new area load up from the game's files or whatever when you pass into a new one). Most all MUDs would have a desert as a group of hexes that are set up together to represent that area or zone. Instead of that, my whole desert would be enclosed in one "field" - which I guess is just like a really big room - that was bounded by a range of coordinates to represent the stretch of the dunes.

I keep dreaming about this kind of setup because I think the possibilities for intense combat, and use of trajectory among other real-time things would be phenomenal! You could code skills/spells that had A.O.E.s and any player in a spell target's vicinity would take damage as well! Imagine creating a system of wavelengths where, say a character was walking along minding his own business and a group of people happened to be holding a meeting a few feet away, the lone character would pick up on the voices and bits and pieces of the conversation. He could creep closer in the direction of the voices and eavesdrop in on what's being said. One more example of possibilities is a player's ability to jump. Ledges, chasms, all sorts of gaps could be coded that required a player's jumping skills to reach or overcome. There are still more ideas I've thought up, but I'm moving on.

So enough with player-usage of a coordinate system. I want to talk about geography. Latitudes and longitudes are easy enough to grasp, but I don't know how easy altitude/elevation would be to make the layout of the land. I have a concept of origins for every area being some kind of well-known monument or location, but for altitude/elevation I think the universal point 0 would be sea level. Ground isn't even all over the world, so (if this is possible) as people moved around in the different fields and cities, their elevation would naturally rise and fall on its own. My problem is figuring out a way to neatly build areas with slopes, drops, and building sizes. The physical aspects of the world would render patches of coordinates inaccessible because they'd make up the walls of building and mountains. More difficulty comes in the creating of caverns and mines and whatnot. I don't believe I even have the mind for building under such conditions.

I believe that's good for now. This coordinates system poses the biggest problem for my dream so I don't feel like branching off into other topics right now. All in all, just a conversation/critiquing will do, because I still want to hear opinions and suggestions even if nobody here feels like taking a crack at this project. I can save up all the information for once I have learned how to properly code and dive into this myself.

Well.. thanks for allowing an outsider to share his dream with you all.
09 Jan, 2009, Kayle wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Pretty Sure that KaVir's GodWars 2 has a system like this with the fields and all.
10 Jan, 2009, Jariah wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Mm.. not too interested in Godwars games, but I want to check it out to see if it resembles my ideas.
Hey, also.. I have this C++ for dummies book and disk. Would studying out of that be a good idea for self study and practicing on my own until I take proper classes?
10 Jan, 2009, Kayle wrote in the 4th comment:
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I have the same book, and use it as a desk reference. So yeah, it's a good idea to use that one for self study.
12 Jan, 2009, David Haley wrote in the 5th comment:
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In general, it's almost always a good idea to try to learn from a book. :wink: It will be faster than learning on your own, even if it doesn't always feel that way.
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