08 Jan, 2009, Iphimedia wrote in the 1st comment:
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Greetings to the MUD world,

I'm looking for a staff position on a MUD and figured I'd post on the
message boards I know of with a place for this kind of thing. To that
end, if anyone is interested in contacting me the best way to do so
would be to send an e-mail to cawtisinlai[at]gmail[dot]com, since I am
posting this on more than one forum. Please remember to include any
website/forum links relevant to your MUD.

This has all come about because maybe six months ago I decided I'd had
enough of all the drama and headache the MUDs I played were causing
and stopped playing MUDs altogether. Recently, however, I've realized
I miss the roleplay, interaction and level of customization not found
in graphical games like World of Warcraft.

I have decided my time would best be spent contributing to a smaller
MUD (well, smaller than the 300~ average players online I'm used to).
What I'm looking for is a MUD that is looking for staff, preferably
not only as a builder but in a customer service and roleplay aspect as
well. I am very fond of creative writing and would enjoy the
opportunity to create unique and original designs for items, weapons,
armor, clothing and anything else players might interact with, I'd
mostly prefer not to be limited to rooms/areas only, if at all. I'd
also like to be able to interact with players in an in-character
manner, as well as provide assistance if needed.

I do not require nor expect to be compensated for my time and work in
any other way than being allowed to continue contributing to your

As far as my background goes:

-I have 8 years experience with MUDs, as a player I was always heavily
into combat and have scripted multiple combat systems (trigger-based
semi-autonomous combat healing aides, for those who don't know what I
mean) in ALClient, MudBot and of course zMUD and cMUD. I also
contributed to the games I played avidly, creating hundreds of unique
designs for all sorts of items such as weapons, armor, clothing,
jewelry, potion vials and various mundane items.
-Professionally I work in the customer service/technical support
industry for fortune 500 companies, so my customer service skills are
-I would be able to be in-game any time on the weekends as well as
after work during the week, into the wee hours of the morning.
-I will entertain all offers from anyone who contacts me, regardless
of MUD genre.
-While I have little experience building, I adapt and learn quickly
and will not have a problem learning the system your MUD uses as long
as I am given the opportunity to experiment. I'm a hands-on learner.

Thank you for taking the time to read my long post, it is my hope that
I will be able to find a fun MUD to contribute to soon. If there are
any questions feel free to contact me at cawtisinlai[at]gmail[dot]com.