23 Dec, 2008, Cuiorne wrote in the 1st comment:
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Liosliath Mush is now open for Alpha!

Liosliath Theme Overview
Lisoliath is a nation of four major clans under the leadership of a Thane. The country is just emerging from a brutal occupation and will need to rebuild. The nobles (Thane, Penneaths, Ducs, Barwyns) need to find and put into position people they can trust.
The various guilds and groups which were disbanded during the occupation need to be revived.
Politics - both internal and eventually external to Liosliath, intrigue, mystery, conflict, merchant are all part of or planned to be part of the world.
The printing press has yet to be invented.
Majority of the population is illiterate.
Travel is by foot, horse, ship and carriage.
Weapons are traditional medieval, being swords,daggers.
Feudal system is the political and social structure.

Help Wanted
All code is complete, the IC grid is mostly built, theme files are in place.
What we need are fresh eyes to provide feedback on the game concept, news files, ease of chargen. Does what we have meet a players needs and expectation?
We would like to have a minimum of eight people provide feedback. To set expectations there is no code in place or planned for +sheets/stats/combat systems.

The people who do come in are welcome to create a character. We have a unique QuickGen and also a +wanted, both can be very helpful in character concepts. However during the Alpha phase our player base is expected to be very small. As we move from Alpha to Beta I expect that time will be used for, among other, to establish characters back stories.

If you are interested come on over and check us out at 3498