21 Nov, 2008, Igabod wrote in the 1st comment:
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ok, so i downloaded a snippet for removing the "do you want color? y/n" prompt from the greeting screen and i was having difficulty with it because it tells me to add some things that are already there, tells me to install some things in functions that don't exist etc. i'm sure this was a snippet written for stock rom 2.4b6 but i'm trying to get it to work with keggermud, a quickmud derivative. if anybody can help me i'd very much appreciate it. i can't really provide any answers as to what errors and problems i ran across because it's been about 3 weeks since i messed with this but have forgotten to ask for help every day till now. if this is something that requires more info than i'm able to provide at the moment, i'll post later tonight all the problems i find when i try to install it again.

[edit to add] for anybody interested in trying to help, you can download keggermud from here and i put the autocolor snippet in the pastebin
21 Nov, 2008, ghasatta wrote in the 2nd comment:
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I'm not really sure what exactly you want - are you asking for someone to perform the install of the snippet for you? If not, I suggest you post the specific questions/problems you are trying to figure out.
21 Nov, 2008, Igabod wrote in the 3rd comment:
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i'm actually looking for someone who can tell me how to make this snippet work with keggermud. i don't want somebody to do the work for me, i just want to know the steps i need to take.
21 Nov, 2008, Sharmair wrote in the 4th comment:
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Ok, from your post and looking at the snippet (I have not looked at the code base yet)
It looks like the snippet is to ADD color to the log on. As you (from your post) seem to
already have that, it makes sense that you have some similar code already in. If you
have a 'do you want color y/n' prompt right at the start you want to get rid of, and that
is all, I take it that is the greeting, change that (maybe a help file or hard coded - the
snippet implies a help file). Also, at the place it sends the greeting, it will probably
set the connected state, maybe something like CON_GET_COLOR (I am guessing here
to the name). You will want to change that to the next con state used after the color,
maybe CON_GET_NAME. Oh, and by changing the greeting, I mean the text to what
you want to show at the start, that might be text sent after that first prompt now, or
whatever you want, but if it is going to be expecting a name, make sure you have
that question at the end of your new greeting.
21 Nov, 2008, Igabod wrote in the 5th comment:
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no the selection for ansi is done before the greeting which yes that is in a helpfile. the snippet is supposed to remove that prompt for yes or no and just make it automatically have color at the greeting screen.
21 Nov, 2008, Sharmair wrote in the 6th comment:
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The way it looks is that THIS snippet is meant as an alternate snippet for a code base with no
color in log in that does not use the prompt at the start. Probably a mod of a snippet that does
have the prompt. The basic instructions I gave should work, though, with a few more notes.
If your code does something before sending the real greeting, it should be in the new_descriptor()
function after the descriptor is created, that is where you would send the greeting instead of the
prompt and set the correct connect state (I am pretty sure CON_GET_NAME). I will not be able
to be sure until I can look at your stock code though.

Opps, forgot a step: You will also want to make sure you set whatever the CON_GET_COLOR
(or whatever it is) case in nanny does when it has a yes response (probably like setting
dnew->ansi to TRUE or the like). I will be able to give more exact instructions after looking
at the base code.
21 Nov, 2008, tphegley wrote in the 7th comment:
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You've probably got something like:
if yes then dnew->ansi == true
dnew->ansi == false

get the greeting helpfile

What you would want is to put the dnew->ansi == true into your first con state which is probably con_get_greeting (or whatever it is for keggermud) So you'd have something like this:
dnew->ansi == true
get greeting helpfile

I believe that's what Sharmair was saying.

As you can probably tell, this isn't exactly the way to do it, but just an example that I hope you can understand…hehe. I didn't have time to look at the code or anything.
22 Nov, 2008, Igabod wrote in the 8th comment:
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turns out sharmair is correct, i installed the snippet though and the problem i have is it still asks if you want color, i removed the line that actually asks the question but when you log on, it just sits there blank till you hit enter then it asks the question. how can i remove the question all together and make ansi on by default?
22 Nov, 2008, Sharmair wrote in the 9th comment:
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The connection state is what tells the code where you are in the log on. If you change the output
but still have the state at CON_ANSI (I looked the actual name up in your base code) even though
the message you get is changed, it still is expecting the yes/no.

But, after looking at the base code, it turns out the code has an option built in to turn off the prompt.
If mud_ansiprompt is FALSE, it looks like it will use code pretty much like I told you to change to. There
also seems to be an option for if you start with color on or not, if mud_ansicolor is TRUE, you start with
color. It looks like a command called gmconfig is used to change the settings online too. Looks like
the options are read from the file /area/qmconfig.rc. Doing a quick look I don't see a save though, so
you might have to hand edit the file.