19 Nov, 2008, Davion wrote in the 1st comment:
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This last bit of introducing ourselves has made me remember a lot of stuff from the past. A lot of the people who helped me along the way. What I wanna know is, who are your unsung hero's? Sorry KaVir… but people have sung enough for you :P. I'm talking about the little people in this community that shine ever so brightly. I have a few that I'll rattle off.

First and foremost for me is Noximist from A Dark Portal. She's a brilliant mind who got me into programming and helped me with the most simplistic and newbish compiling errors and segfaults. She is probably the single most prominent reason I was able to get where I am today! And very, very… very patient :P

Secondly was another programmer from A Dark Portal known as Descil, aka Teraten. This guy got me thinking about some of the more obscure and advanced styles of programming. He jumped my game up considerably once I started working with him. Another brilliant mind and a great aid to my success.

Another would be Sillviant Diavaney. He was the first to take me on as a builder (even though I lied and said I knew how to build! Gawd I was awful) and was the first to suggest I take on the role as a programmer. He pointed me in the right direction :).

Sola Darkflame! She was one of the head builders on ShadowStorm and eventually the imp of ShadowFire. She kept my interest in MUDs alive. She was so passionate about the text-based genre, it was inspiring and kept me coming back for more. I have tens of thousands of lines worth of logs with this gal.

Last but not least, Synon. He taught me there's more to life than programming. Everyone once and awhile an imp has to get his hands dirty and dig up some areas from the dark recesses of their mind. One of these days I'll finish that area, Syn! Promise :P

Those are my unsung heros… who are you yours?
19 Nov, 2008, Keberus wrote in the 2nd comment:
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My unsung heroes have possibly been sung about before, but it never hurts to remind them. I think that Tawnos and Eleven from Fall of the Empire both helped me a lot in my programming intially. After I learned the basics and got going my heroes became Joshua Hall, (Xerves) of Rafermand, because I would look to the FEAR code a lot for guidance and ideas. My other hero probably more than most is none other than Samson, his work on the fussproject.org/smaugmuds.org website helped me a multituide of times, if not him directly then someone on the site. So, if any of you are reading this, THANKS.

19 Nov, 2008, tphegley wrote in the 3rd comment:
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I'm still consider myself new to programming (though I've been dabbling with it since 2002). Nick Gammon was my first person who really helped me simply because his site is an awesome place for new coders to grow. Even though he probably couldn't remember me, but he helped me a lot just from my posts though he didn't have a personal stake in my growing.

Also, Even though DavidHaley doesn't know it. I've learned a lot from him as well. Basically all his help has come from Gammon's site and smaugmuds.org (and the smaug sites before it). I know DavidHaley only knows me from the questions that I've asked but I have learned from his examples.

I would have to say that Samson has helped quite a bit as well in the same capacity that Nick and David has. His sites have really helped me become better at programming and when I became head coder for a mud that I played on, all three helped me when I would get stuck on something.

Other then that I have kind of learned on my own by just fiddling with different code bases and testing my limits as a coder.
19 Nov, 2008, Kayle wrote in the 4th comment:
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Unsung heroes… Hmmm.

I don't really know. Most of the people I look to for guidance are big players in the community, not really unsung. Samson, DavidHaley, FearItself@Avp. Those are who I go to. And Davion if it's a really messy string situation. :P

KeB said:
So, if any of you are reading this, THANKS.


Most of us read here, and You're welcome. :P
19 Nov, 2008, Idealiad wrote in the 5th comment:
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There are so many people who I've learned from and keep learning from, and some that I have great admiration and respect for. KaVir (sorry had to throw that in there… ;) ), Tyche, Icculus, scandum, Molly O'Hara, Amberyl, Javelin…dedicated mudders who have made great contributions, these are just some of them, and I think a few like Molly are never really called out as heroes of the mud community, but I think they deserve to be.

But to single a few out especially…Fernof Legends of Karinth. Such a dedicated and level-headed Imp. Truly someone to look up to, and I hate to put the pressure of 'role-model' on anyone, but Fern really is a role-model in the handling of a mud in my eyes.

Geoff Tuffli of the old now defunct mush Gohs…I came across this mush when I first started mudding. It opened my eyes to the depth and detail you could go into when making a mud and laid the groundwork for a lot of the ways I think about muds now.

And finally, Rolindar…I don't even really know who you are or where you are, but you made me think a lot about how to build mud areas. So thanks to you.

eta: and I wanted to add, Noximist and Descil definitely are class acts. I really wish ADPNW had got off the ground more than it did.
19 Nov, 2008, David Haley wrote in the 6th comment:
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Thank you tphegley and Kayle; it's kind of embarrassing to be talked about this way but I do appreciate it. :smile:

I guess I'd have to say that most of my drive and ability comes from (cheesy as it may sound) my parents and especially my dad, who loves to tinker. I learned all of my programming from him and from trial and error, until going to college and getting a formal education. (He's also the person who taught me Linux and vi; not that he has any bias what with having authored the initial version……)

It's hard to name one specific person who got me particularly interested in MUDding. It would be all the staff on Legends of the Darkstone who were imms as I was a player, and then the same people who helped me immensely as we built the world together. My younger brother also got me pretty interested in it.

Samson, along with all FUSS contributors, obviously have contributed immensely with the FUSS codebase, which has in my opinion kept the SMAUG branch alive and well. Others have worked on other branches but I am not really familiar with them and so can't point to any people in particular.
19 Nov, 2008, The_Fury wrote in the 7th comment:
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Kayle said:
Unsung heroes… Hmmm.

I don't really know. Most of the people I look to for guidance are big players in the community, not really unsung. Samson, DavidHaley

I am a bit like you Kayle, in that no one person nor group of people have really influenced me in a particular direction. When i had decided to give creating my own game a go, i went looking for a codebase that was as close to my vision as i could find and one that had a lot of snippets available to help me somewhat in learning the codebase and the language it was written in.

To that end the people who have helped me the most are those from the Smaug community. You listed David and Samson, to that list i would add Nick Gammon as the 3 people who have taught me the most about programming. While there have been many others who have taught me a lot about life in general, most of which no one has ever heard of outside of some rather small communities. To all those, i am grateful, you know who you are.